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Ewa & Michał

Another couple in our wedding calendar is Ewa and Michał. Enjoy their wedding photo-reportage: About Bride & Groom: Ewa and Michał are quite crazy people. They brought a lot of freshness to our work. They’ve met via on-line dating service thus they’re a great example that although the 21st century is all about technology there’s also some […]

Klaudia & Paweł

Klaudia and Paweł – a couple who is always smiling and is full of energy. Klaudia looked dazzling in a beautiful dress with a cut. The reception maintained in colourful Balkan themes took place in Riviera in Olszewica Nowa. We chose the Saski Park to be our outdoor location to capture the last sun beams […]

Magdalena & Paweł

We’ve been to many wedding ceremonies and celebrations and seen hundreds of wedding decoration arrangements, but each time something else enchants us. This time we’ve been working with Magdalena and Paweł – here are the results. Enjoy 😉 About the Bride and Groom: Magdalena works as a president’s assistant at an influential foreign corporation, thus she […]

Emilka & Łukasz

A pastel reportage from Emilka’s and Łukasz’s wedding and reception, who, surrounded by their family and friends, vowed to love each other in a lovely church in Sochaczew. During the reception in ‘Arkadia’ the guests did not leave the dancing floor 🙂 The Bride and Groom love Italy so a table with typical, delicious Italian snacks […]

Yelena & Andrei

    Yelena and Andrei got married in a beautiful Orthodox church, whereas their wedding took place in Polonia Hotel. We must admit that marrying in an Orthodox church is a really unique and sublime event; we are very happy that we were able to eternize such a momentous time for Yelena and Andrei. The […]

Kamila & Hubert – Wedding Reportage

Kamila’s and Hubert’s wedding took place in picturesque Krynica Górska. Before the celebration there was a typical pre-wedding bustle, but both the wedding and the reception were as the Bride and Groom intended it to be. The wedding was frequented not only by the numerous family but also friends from abroad who told us extraordinary […]

Ewa & Pepe

Ewa’s and Paweł’s wedding had been the most touching wedding in our career 🙂 We do not know whether there was one person who would not shed a tear, including us 😉 Ewa looked fabulous in a lacy dress, which she complemented with red high heels, red lips and a very original bouquet. After a […]

Monika & Tadeusz | Club Edition

This time we wish to present a wedding video which is completely different and is maintained in club rhythms. Monika’s and Tadeusz’s wedding took place on a beautiful, sunny day in Venecia Palace. Colours, guests and fun-loving Bride and Groom persuaded us to create this unique video. Monika, Tadeusz as well as their loved ones […]

Monika & Jarosław

We had a pleasure to participate in a wedding which took place in the open air, in a beautiful scenery, which we hope you can see in the reportage. All the guests admired the Bride’s original wedding dress (Maggio Ramatti), and the smile was always there on the newlyweds’ faces 😉 The additional attraction at […]

Marta & Krzysztof

Marta’s and Krzysiek’s wedding was so successful that if we had not had another celebration scheduled for the following day, we would have stayed until the morning 😉 The day of the wedding was unusually tense – from the very morning there were preparations, then an outdoor photo session. We visited Jeff’s restaurant in Warsaw, […]

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